superman moroccan basketball player abdelhakim zouita has a big heart

“Superman” Moroccan basketball player Abdelhakim Zouita has a big heart

Abdelhakim Zouita is a Moroccan basketball legend. Bursting with championship titles and national cups, one of the best players on the continent looks back on his successes and talks about the way forward to improving the game of orange ball in the Kingdom of Morocco.

In my career, I want to win everything, and winning the championship this season makes me very happy.

Absolutely, it’s been several seasons without a league title. Over the last three years, we’ve played in the cup and league finals. We had to get the job done, which led us to the title.

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“I wanted to play in foreign leagues”.

We also need to develop a league where we can get young players, develop them so that they can play in the United States and also strengthen the national team. We need to take this route to develop national and African basketball in general. We have a competitive national championship where we can bring in a lot of good foreign players. But we can also strengthen it by integrating more Moroccan players.

We hope to be able to move in this direction, Incha’Allah, and why not have some big-name players in the major leagues. If we do, we’ll be able to have a team that can play for the Afrobasket title in the long term. Because, with the championship, we have players who excelled at the Afrocan in Rwanda, but it will be much more difficult for the Afrobasket.

I also wanted to show other people that I could play in championships, particularly in Europe.