Coronavirus recovery

Tanzania: president’s son recovers from COVID-19

The number of people infected with the coronavirus is reported to have dropped considerably in Tanzania. It’s a delightful news that Tanzanian President John Magufuli is hoping to announce this Sunday.

Magufuli stated that one of his sons had contracted the coronavirus, but had now recovered.

“As I speak here now, one of my own sons has just recovered from corona virus disease, and this is after they quarantined and used steam inhalation, took lemons and ginger”, he said.

John Magufuli thanked his people for their prayers, citing the names of cities where the number of cured patients had increased. While suggesting that the pandemic was nearing an end, he encouraged Tanzanians to turn to God.

“I would like to call upon all our religious leaders from the different faiths in the country that with the current events if possible starting Friday next week, Saturday and Sunday we should have thanksgiving days to thank God for the great things he has done for us”, Magufuli added.

Magufuli’s government has been criticized for its lack of transparency regarding COVID-19 figures. The last official update was on April 29. It reported 480 cases, including 16 deaths.