telecoms togo 56 of consumers dissatisfied 42 of isp customers rate service as mediocre according to arcep

Telecoms/Togo: 56% of consumers dissatisfied, 42% of ISP customers rate service as “mediocre”, according to Arcep

Arcep is calling on mobile operators and Internet service providers to invest more in improving the quality of their services and lowering their charges. And rightly so, since mobile phone consumers seem to be increasingly dissatisfied. The Autorité French regulatory authority for electronic communications and postal services(Arcep) conducted a survey of consumer perceptions of electronic communications and postal services in Togo between 19 June and 14 July.

The survey, published in the first half of August 2023, shows that the overall dissatisfaction rate is 56%, up from 51% in 2022. Arcep also indicates in its report that Moov Africa Togo (MAT) has a dissatisfaction rate of 43%, while Togo Cellulaire (TGC) has a rate of 62%.

In terms of quality of service (QoS), 69% of users consider the QoS provided by operators to be poor, with specific figures of 74% for TGC and 59% for MAT. Compared with the first half of 2022, the positive perception of QoS is decreasing: 26% for TGC (compared with 46% in 2022) and 41% for MAT (compared with 51% in 2022).

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As for connectivity, fixed Internet service providers (ISPs) saw their overall perception improve over the period, with the overall dissatisfaction rate falling from 63% last year to 54% this year. In detail, subscribers to GVA Togo (Groupe Vivendi Afrique, also known as Canalbox) recorded a dissatisfaction rate of 46%, while Togo Telecom (TGT) posted a figure of 56%.

According to the report, 75% of customers believe that prices remain high, despite the fact that the ISPs are among the cheapest in the UEMOA zone, ARCEP concedes, with a fibre offer of around 15,000 CFA francs/month for both operators.

To crown it all, 42% of ISP customers consider the quality of services to be poor, but Togocom is rated less poorly on this score than Canalbox, with 41% of TGT customers and 52% of GVA customers.