The World: Campaigns Rallies Proceed For Trump In Spite Of Coronavirus

As the US election approaches, the highly anticipated Election is between President Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.

US Vice President Mike Pence held one convention in Kinston, North Carolina, on Sunday night. The meeting comes regardless of his head of staff Marc Short, and allegedly a few associates, testing positive for

” The president just cast his vote yesterday. Karen and I just casted a ballot back in the Hoosier state, so people of North Carolina, you gotta complete it. On the off chance that you need a smidgen of help, I can disclose to you simply go 10 minutes not far off tomorrow” the VP said.

“Companions don’t let companions vote alone. Bring a relative. Bring a neighbor. Bring a companion and decision in favor of four additional long periods of President Donald Trump in the White House. Complete

It’s left to be seen who’ll be the president come Nov 3, millions of vote has already been casted by citizens in the early election.