The World: Coronavirus Continues To Spread In Latin America

The impact of the coronavirus has been felt in major European countries as the virus continues to spread at an alarming rate, especially Latin America which includes countries like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Peru.


As per the Brazilian Health Ministry, a sum of 1,050 individuals lost their lives in South America’s most exceedingly awful hit nation in the course of recent hours, carrying the cost to more than 209,000, while affirmed cases rose to 8.45 million with 61,567 new diseases.


The Mexican Health Ministry declared the passings of 1,219 individuals in the previous 24 hours because of COVID-19, just as 20,523 new cases. The complete casualty check bested 140,000 and the in general caseload remains above 1.63 million


The Health Ministry of Argentine announced 68 every day passings and around 9,000 diseases, bringing the loss of life to 45,295 and add up to cases to 1.79 million.