United States election in November 2020

THE WORLD: Joe Biden says military will escort Donald Trump from White House if he fails to leave after losing election

United States Democratic candidate Joe Biden has said the military will escort US President Donald Trump out of the White House if he fails to leave after losing the November 2020 election.

Biden said it had crossed his mind that the abrasive Trump might refuse to leave the White House for the newly elected president.

Speaking to Trevor Noah on his Daily Show, the former US vice president also said his greatest concern in the upcoming polls was that Trump would try and rig the polls.

Biden said Trump would be driven out of White House by military. Photo: Getty Images.

He said this due to Trump’s criticism of voting by mail which the Democratic candidate said would allow more votes to participate in the polls if allowed.

The presidential hopeful said his team had gathered a team of lawyers to make sure the elections would run smoothly in every district in America.

On the ongoing George Floyd protests in many cities in the US, Biden castigated Trump for his harsh stance by use of the military to protesters.

He said by doing so, he was alluding that the US was a military state which was not the case.

Floyd died in Minneapolis last month after a police officer knelt on his neck for nine minutes.

Footage of the brutal murder was shared widely online after a bystander filmed a policeman pinning the shirtless suspect to the ground in Minneapolis, Minnesota.