Rocket attack

The world: Rocket attack on US embassy Baghdad – Report

Media in Iraq reported sirens and a rocket attack on the US embassy in Baghdad in the first hours of Tuesday morning. Sirens were heard after two in the morning.

Al-Hadath said sirens had been heard at the large US embassy compound. Akhbar media said a missile had been launched at the US embassy. Al-Ghad media said that 3 rockets landed near the embassy.

Al-Arabiya and other channels also reported the attack. Videos did not show the attack or the sirens.

The attack comes after Iraqis stormed MBC media claiming it had included a program insulting the memory of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, an Iraqi militia leader the US killed in January. It comes amid US-Iran tensions.

Dozens of rockets have been fired by Kataib Hezbollah against US forces in Iraq in recent months. Four members of the US-led Coalition have been killed since December by the rockets.

Iraq has a new Prime Minister named Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and is in dealing with new economic protests and an ISIS insurgency.