//The World: Trump can return to public events on Saturday – Physician

The World: Trump can return to public events on Saturday – Physician

U.S. President Donald Trump’s physician said on Thursday that the president has completed his course of therapy for the coronavirus, and has remained stable since returning to the White House, and he could return to public engagements on Saturday.

Dr. Sean Conley said in a memo released by the White House that Saturday will be 10 days since the president’s diagnosis and Trump had responded “extremely well” to treatment.

Trump was hospitalised last Friday after he announced he had contracted the coronavirus. He returned to the White House on Monday.

“Since returning home, his physical exam has remained stable and devoid of any indications to suggest progression of illness,” Conley wrote.

“Saturday will be day 10 since Thursday’s diagnosis, and based on the trajectory of advanced diagnostics the team has been conducting, I fully anticipate the President’s safe return to public engagements at that time.”

Trump, confined to the White House with the illness that he has sought to play down, said earlier on Thursday he did not believe he was contagious and was feeling good enough to resume campaign rallies. Such rallies, particularly held indoors, have raised concern among public health experts about spreading the virus.

“I’d love to do a rally tonight. I wanted to do one last night,” Trump said, adding that “if I’m at a rally, I stand by myself very far away from everybody,” Trump told Fox Business Network.

The president’s positive test sidelined him from in-person events that have been the lifeblood of his campaign.

Trump pulled out of a second debate with his rival Joe Biden after the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that the October 15 event would be held in a virtual format, with the candidates in separate locations, to ensure it could go forward whether or not Trump remained virus-free.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled plans Thursday to probe Trump’s capacity to govern after he contracted COVID-19. With just 26 days until the November 3 election, Washington’s top Democrat took the extraordinary step of proposing a commission to probe Trump’s fitness for the job — and whether he needs removal under the Constitution’s 25th Amendment.