top 10 business opportunities in zimbabwe in 2022

Top 10 Business Opportunities In Zimbabwe In 2022

Last updated on January 5th, 2023 at 08:02 am

There are various business opportunities for people in Zimbabwe in 2022. People can invest in businesses to earn more money. Let’s talk about the top 10 business opportunities in Zimbabwe.

Top 10 Small Business Opportunities In Zimbabwe

1) Gold mining or selling

Zimbabwe is rich in gold. Many investors are into the gold mining business in Zimbabwe. Gold mining or selling can be a great business and investment opportunity in the country. Gold mining has been going on since ancient times in Zimbabwe.

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2) Microfinance

Microfinance banks lend money to startups and small business owners in Zimbabwe. There are also more opportunities for microfinance businesses these days. Microfinance institutions get funding from several sources. Since business opportunities are growing in Zimbabwe, the Microfinance business can be a great option.

3) Business consulting

Business consultants help business owners to keep their businesses alive. If you have a background in business management, business consulting can be a great option to earn money. You need to invest a little amount initially, but you can earn a great amount of money later.

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4) Fast food and Snacks

You can invest in a business that sells fast foods and snacks. This business has the potential to earn more money. Due to work pressure, some people eat fast food and snacks. You can deliver food to customers at their doorstep.

5) Accounting and book-keeping services

Many Zimbabwean businesses hire accountants on a contract basis. If you have a strong background in accounting or bookkeeping, you can be a freelancer. You can also start a business that renders these services to other businesses on a freelance basis.

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6) Pet-care service

If you love spending time with animals, you can turn this hobby into a business in Zimbabwe. People can’t take care of pets due to their work and busy schedule. They usually hire people to take care of their pets.

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7) Tour guide

If you have knowledge about places in Zimbabwe, you can become a tour guide. You can visit different locations with tourists and share your knowledge with them. You can earn money by helping tourists.

8) Construction services

The demand for construction services is increasing rapidly in Zimbabwe. If you have a background in engineering or building construction, you can start this business. You can also start selling materials used in construction.

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9) Clothing

Fashion and clothing businesses in Zimbabwe make a profit. The clothing sector in Zimbabwe comprises registered companies that are members of the Zimbabwe Clothing Council. You can earn money by selling clothes. You can also rent a small shop.

10) Yoga studio

Another great business opportunity can be to invest in a Yoga studio. Zimbabweans have started showing interest in Yogas for the betterment of their health. You can open a small Yoga studio at home.

These are the top 10 small business opportunities in Zimbabwe in 2022. When are you going to start your business?

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