top 10 social media influencers in kenya you need to follow

Top 10 Social Media Influencers In Kenya You Need To Follow

Social media influencers earn thousands of dollars from product endorsements. Kenya has the highest internet penetration in Africa at 85 per cent. The top influencers in Kenya have established their careers in Social media. Let’s know about the top 10 social media influencers in Kenya.

Top 10 social media influencers in Kenya

1) Ben Cyco

Ben Cyco is popular for his Cyco Podcast, which covers a wide range of topics. In 2020, the Cyco Podcast won the award for the most influential podcast at the Africa Digital Influencer Awards. Ben Cyco has 40.1K subscribers on YouTube.

2) Alex Chamwada

Alex Chamwada is a former Kenyan media personality with a wide experience in international television reporting. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Chams Media, an independent content production company. Chams Media has a weekly show on their YouTube Channel called Daring Abroad. He has 295.8K followers on Twitter.

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3) Chef Ali Mandhry

Chef Ali Mandhry is one of the best social media influencers in Kenya. He is a TV celebrity chef in Kenya. He prepares delicious dishes and exhibits them on his YouTube channel and Instagram. He has 183K followers on Instagram. He has 98.9K subscribers on YouTube. He has received several awards for his work.

4) Kitt Kiarie

Kitt Kiarie has 47.2K followers on Instagram. She is one of the most popular social media influencers in Kenya. She talks about finances, parenting, and relationships on her Instagram account. She is a professional infant and toddler sleep coach.

5) Terry Anne Chebet

Terry Anne Chebet is an Entrepreneur and social media influencer. She advises on personal finance and business development. She is a former business anchor on Citizen TV. She has 731K followers on Instagram. She has 572.5K Followers on Twitter.

6) Just Ivy

Just Ivy is an award-winning influencer. She has 199K followers on Instagram. She advises on legal matters. She educates her audience on important legal matters such as adoption laws in Kenya, laws on marriage, and laws on matrimonial property.

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7) Abel Mutua

Abel Mutua rose to fame due to his viral storytelling episodes on YouTube. His content became famous during the Covid-19 pandemic. He has 286K subscribers on YouTube. He is one of the most famous Kenyan social media influencers.

8) Biko Zulu

Biko Zulu is one of the most popular Kenyan social media influencers. His website has hundreds of articles on marriage, corporate social responsibility, and business. He never revealed his face on social media.

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9) Fashionable Step mum

Fashionable Step mum became famous when a TV show highlighted her marriage to her husband, who is almost twice her age. She talks about fashion, style tips, and clothes on her Instagram. She has 139K followers on Instagram.

10) Janet Machuka

Janet Machuka has 158.3K Followers on Twitter. She writes informative content on digital marketing and posts them on Twitter. She started her Twitter movement #AfricaTweetChat in 2019. These are the top 10 Kenyan social media influencers. Who is your favourite Kenyan social media influencer?