top 5 ghanaian tv series based on real life situations

Top 5 Ghanaian TV Series Based On Real-Life Situations

If you love to watch stories that reflect real-life situations, keep scrolling this page. In this article we have collected the top 5 Ghanaian TV Series which are informational, engaging & entertaining.

These TV series are very enjoyable for the local as well as international audiences. Just read the article, pick any series & watch to enjoy!

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Yolo is one of the decade’s most popular television shows. It’s a spin-off of the hit show “Things We Do for Love.”

It focuses on what young people confront on a daily basis, such as educating about their reproductive health and directing them toward the issues they face in their sexuality.

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2. Kejetia vs Makola

Kejetia vs Makola is a humorous court series that has a large following. This is due to the show’s funny courtroom settings, in which 2 lawyers and even a judge compete to outdo one another during court hearings arguing Life-related problems.

3. ForkBoyz

Forkboyz is one of the most underappreciated web and television series about young culture. The film contains various mature moments that depict young adults’ ideal behavior and the implications of an intimate lifestyle.

Forkboyz is drenched in humor and peer-to-peer intimacy. A number of young men share their lives together as they go through the motions of daily life while residing in the same house.

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4. Master and 3 Maids

Master and 3 Maids is a web series that chronicles the lives of three maids who aspire to make a respectable living but end up working for a greedy Master who is constantly looking for excuses to fire his employees.

The Maids then band together and devise a variety of ways to fool their Master and avoid losing their positions, allowing them to finally earn that much-needed income.

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5. What’s Up

The Web series ‘What’s Up’ features six young guys and their story of how they met via social media.

The series focuses on the youth’s adoption of social media and how online friends are used to form relationships.

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It also demonstrates how social media may be utilized for good rather than merely for fun and pleasure.