Tunisia: President Kaïs Saïed Warns Protesters Against Vandalism

President Kaïs Saïed of Tunisia has warned protesters not to destroy any property at any point of their protest, he made this known on Monday in Ettadhamen city of Tunisia. There has reportedly been a series of vandalism in the country.

Through you, I need to address all the Tunisian public, I know the condition of destitution and I likewise realize who is misusing your neediness. Try not to allow anybody to abuse your hopelessness, don’t assault private or public property. We live today due to virtues and not as a result of burglary or plundering”, Saïed said.

Tunisians are disillusioned about high joblessness rate. The monetary emergency in the North African country has additionally rankled local people. That is the reason they have been fighting since last Friday.

On Monday, authorities said in excess of 600 individuals have been captured. Troops were conveyed following a third continuous day of fights.