Uganda: 11 houses burnt down in Kagadi, security intervenes

In unknown circumstances at least 11 houses in Kanyamiyaga village, Mpeefu sub-county in Kagadi district were burnt to ashes. Due to his participation in the witchcraft, residents suspected one of their neighbors of being the cause of fire.

Now the residents claim they have little to eat, so they sleep in the rain. A security unit headed by the Commissioner for Resident District (RDC), Lillian Ruteraho rushed to the area as the locals threatened to lynch the perpetrator to quiet the situation.

Ruteraho asked them to shun beliefs around witchcraft as the country conflicts with COVID-19.

“The country is struggling with COVID-19 and you are now getting in the witchcraft. Such habits need to stop immediately because they’re counter-productive, “Ruteraho said.

She warned residents against mob action. “You will commit mob justice as a group but when you are arrested, you will answer charges individually,” Ruteraho warned.

Ruteraho ordered all residents to stay in their homes and be vigilant.