Ugandan Comedians, Salvado And Alex Muhangi Address Beef Rumors

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:05 pm

Comedians, Patrick Salvado Idringi and Alex Muhangi have for awhile been dogged by rumors of a bitter rivalry.
The rumors were stoked after Salvado started a weekly comedy night dubbed “Just Comedy”, which many industry observers interpreted as move to directly compete with Muhangi’s Comedy Store, also a weekly show.
The two comedians have continued to clash, with a more recent development being their upcoming shows which are both set on the same day. Salvado will hold his Africa Laughs show at Kololo Independence Grounds on Valentine’s Day while Muhangi will on the same day be across town at Mestil Hotel where he will host Nigerian singer Rude Boy.
Despite the clashes, Salvado and Muhangi both insist there is no bad blood between them.
Muhangi said that they are just two people in the same business and can co-exist without beefing each other, likening their relationship to fuel brand companies, Shell and Total as well beverage companies, CocaCola and Pepsi which he says are competing favorably.

“There is no fight between me and Salvado. We are simply two people in the same business.” Alex Muhangi said.
On his part, Salvado explained that holding shows on the same day is merely a coincidence because every one chooses a date according to what makes the most business sense for them.
“Before you decide on a date for a show, you look at many factors like venue and target audience among others. Looking at Valentine’s Day, it falls on a Friday, and therefore this would make a good day to hold a show because many people will be looking to go out,” Salvado explained.
“Two comedians holding their shows on the same day does not mean we are fighting, it is about preference of the day and what makes business sense for you.” He added.