UK: Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase Features Awe-Inspiring Designs

Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase has always been a place of effortless style, class and an overflow of talent, and this year was no different.

The tradeshow, which ran under the theme #ThisIsAfrica, yet again redefined what a fashion show can be when you step outside of the norm. The organisers captured the audience with their out of the box creativity and imagination, coupled with a fine-dining experience.

For a second year running, the team did away with the axiomatic catwalk – holding it in one of the most exclusive private clubs in the UK that offered a unique, magical and perennial enclave to dine, entertain and party.

This edition saw breath-taking craftsmanship and meticulous creations, with standout designs from Samuel Kaiser’s innovative collection which was inspired by the Amasunzu, a creative and unconventional traditional Rwandan hairstyle that dates back to the 20th Century. While it was banned because it was considered pagan, it remains a symbol of pride worn mostly by Rwandan men and young unmarried girls. It also represented different roles and stages in the life of women and men.