UN Security Council calls for immediate end to hostilities in Somalia

UN Security Council calls for immediate end to hostilities in Somalia

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 07:58 am

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has spoken out about renewed fighting in the capital Mogadishu, expressing concern over the situation in Somalia following Sunday’s clashes in Mogadishu.

A statement from Secretary-General’s spokesman StephaneDujarric said the secretary-general was “deeply concerned” about the recent armed clashes in Mogadishu. He reiterates his call for all Somali stakeholders to refrain from further violence and resolve their differences through dialogue and compromise.

The Secretary-General also urged all Somali stakeholders to immediately resume negotiations and reach an agreement based on the September 17 Electoral Process and the Baidoa proposal.

International calls for an end to the conflict in Mogadishu are coming at a time when thousands of families are being displaced from parts of the capital.

Meanwhile, there were demonstrations in Mogadishu last night against Farmajo’s dictatorship. Protests against the extension of the term of the outgoing President Mohamed AbdullahiFarmajo started tonight in the Mirinya area of ​​Abdiaziz district and spread to parts of Karaan district.

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Demonstrations, which began after iftar, lasted for hours and protesters chanted slogans expressing their opposition to the extension.

Protesters marched from the Mirinyaada Intersection, passing through the Sana’a Junction, Jardinka and Sinai. “Let Farmajo out, we do not want an extension, we do not want Farmajo, we do not want a dictator,” protesters chanted. They carried banners and pictures.

In Mogadishu, there are still fears of renewed fighting as many people flee the city