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Villa Somalia Plans To Weaken Opposition

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:00 am

According to allbanadir online villa somalia, there is a plan to limit the power of the opposition, and reports say that the government wants to completely reduce the activities of the opposition by restricting their travel and meetings.

The opposition, which has the most power in the capital Mogadishu, Villa Somalia, has shown that some opposition members has no control over areas of origin such as Galmudug and Hiran, which are controlled by pro-President Farmajo leaders. Villa Somalia, which used to put pressure on opposition leaders, now wants to reduce the movement of opposition members to weaken their power.

Reports say the outgoing government wants the opposition to lose control of the capital so as not to challenge Farmajo’s illegitimategovernment.

Given the government’s deployment of troops, it appears that the government wants members of the opposition to be confined to designated areas such as the Jazeera Hotel and not to be active in the rest of the city. The government has previously refused to allow opposition leaders guard to enter the Aden Adde International Airport.

Reports from Albanadir also say that the outgoing government is trying to restrict the meetings of opposition party leaders and will focus on controlling their meetings and meetings with the public.

Meanwhile, Farmajo’s government wants to stop the protests altogether and suspend the travel of opposition party leaders to the regional government, which is a clear indication of the abuse of the government led by the late President Farmajo, which has been illegal for more than a month.

Although these plans are difficult to implement, it is clear that the outgoing government is continuing to suppress and destroy the constitution and want to continue to rule the country illegally. There is still controversy over the election, which is expected to be resolved. The government continues to weaken the opposition and suppress society.