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Violent clashes erupt in Dhakar, Senegal following the arrest of opposition leader

Clashes erupted in the Senegalese capital, Dakar, on Thursday following the arrest of key opposition leader OusmaneSonko. Supporters of the opposition leader rallied to show their support for their arrested leader. Clashes in the Senegalese capital Dakar erupted on Friday for hundreds of protesters demanding the release of Senegalese opposition leader OusmaneSonko, who has been remanded in custody pending trial.

Thousands of young people and his supporters rallied to demand the release of their leader. His arrest two days ago sparked the worst violence in years in the country with casualties, looting and injuries. In Medina’s classroom district, hundreds of youths clashed with riot police on riot police and smoke billowed from burning tires in makeshift camps in the capital.

Mr. Sonko, the leader of Pastef’s opposition party and a former presidential candidate, is seen as a key figure who could run against President MackySall within three years. It is closed on Wednesday disrupted public order entry, at the start of his trial before the alleged rape, which sparked the worst violence in recent years in countries generally known for occupancy

According to local news, angry supporters stormed a media center seen near the government on Thursday evening, while authorities shut down two private television stations, accusing them of “inciting hatred and violence.” The deaths came after clashes Thursday in the southern city of Bignona in Casamance province, a police official said. “We still do not know why, an investigation is underway,” said the officer who requested anonymity.

The government, meanwhile, has shut down some media outlets. It is reported that the Legislature of Senegal on Thursday suspended the broadcasts of two local television stations, Sen TV and Walf TV, for 72 hours from 5 p.m. On Thursday, they accused them of posting “loop” pictures of the stability following Sonko’s arrest. Sonko was due to be transferred to Dakar Magistrate’s Court on Thursday evening where his case will be heard by a judge, but his lawyers said the hearing was adjourned until Friday.