What is the worst thing about living in Turkey?

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:07 pm

A popular influencer recounts his Turkish experience. Read below;

I must say before I went to Istanbul, my expectations were quite different to the real life after arrived and been living for two months in Istanbul so far. So let me be honest Istanbul is good for tourist but not for long staying.

1. Streets are dirty
I have seen so many times that people just littering and spitting on the floor. Regardless of cigarettes, small piece of paper, people just throw it away from their hand without a second thought. No sense of being environmental friendly.

2. They never say no even it is a no
Yes. Even it is a no to them, they still say yes to you and in the end of course you don’t get what you have asked for. Sure, someone will say because Turkish are hospitable, but won’t you get panic when something has to be done and they promised you and in the end you didn’t get what you want?

3. The big fat ego
They love their culture, the food and everything. When they heard some negative comments towards Turkish, 90/100 of them will point their fingers to Kurdish. What I heard the most is “Oh surely they are not our people, they are Kurdish and they done bad things.” Food are lack of diversity. Very sad that people are proud of their food but come on how could you say you guys got the best food in the world without trying others in your whole life?????

4. Hunger for money
They love money. Literally everything linked to money they are thirsty. Taxi drivers, unscrupulous retail sellers. So be careful of those Turkish who speak fluent English on the main streets.

5. Gender inequality
Even since I arrived in Istanbul, I never felt comfortable with the people staring at me. I seriously do not enjoy those staring out of “curiosity”. And I try to avoid any eye contact to guys as much as I can. It drives me nuts.

6. Crazy driving with no rules
It is quite dangerous to cross the road, and you can see people are driving like no rules. So watch out even when it’s green light.

7. Where is the queue?
I take metrobus very often, and it is one of the main station, doesn’t matter its peak hours or not, once the metrobus is coming, people will slip in on your both sides, there is no such first in first serve thing as people just squeeze in without a sequence.

Surely Istanbul is beautiful, full of historical stories but for a peaceful living still a distance