yetunde barnabas, olayinka peter gift mini estate to their daughter

Yetunde Barnabas, Olayinka Peter Gift Mini-Estate To Their Daughter

Nollywood actress Yetunde Barnabas and her footballer husband Olayinka Peter have given their daughter Gemma an extraordinary gift on her 1st birthday. 

They surprised her with a mini-estate named after her, which includes beautifully decorated buildings. 

The couple shared a video of the mini-estate on social media, and it has left people, including celebrities, amazed and inspired. 

Many have congratulated the family and prayed for prosperity. Yetunde expressed her joy and love for Gemma in the post, thanking her husband for the thoughtful gift.

In response to the news, people expressed their happiness and aspirations for success. Some even declared their determination not to be poor and congratulated the little Gemma on her new property. 

The gift has garnered much attention and admiration for the family, and it has become a topic of conversation among fans and well-wishers.

Nollywood actress Yetunde Barnabas threw a big birthday party for her daughter Gemma, who turned one year old. 

The party had a Barbie theme and featured lots of fun games and activities for the children. 

Photos and videos from the celebration were shared online, showing a grand setup with a balloon-like castle and a red Range Rover for the birthday girl. 

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Yetunde Barnabas also recently gifted her mother a new car for her birthday, which made her very happy.

This is not the first time Yetunde and Olayinka have made headlines for their generosity. Previously, Yetunde gifted her mother a brand-new car on her birthday, which touched the hearts of her fans. 

The couple seems to enjoy celebrating special occasions in grand style, making sure to create memorable moments for their loved ones.

As the news spread, many admired the adorable birthday pictures of Gemma and praised Yetunde and Olayinka for their love and care towards their daughter. 

The grand Barbie-themed birthday party they organized for Gemma was filled with fun activities and goodies for the children attending. 

It included a balloon-like castle, game activities, and even a kid’s red Range Rover for Gemma to arrive in style.