Executive secretary

Nuclear organisation appoints Montwedi as executive secretary

Global nonprofit industry organisation, the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) has appointed Emmanuel Montwedi as its new executive secretary.

Montwedi is a senior nuclear engineer and is currently serving as the deputy chairperson of the South African Young Nuclear Professionals Society, a national network of more than 500 members.

In a statement issued on Friday, African Young Generation in Nuclear (AYGN) said the appointment of an African to this role lives up to the organisation’s 2020 theme of “Diversity in Nuclear”.

The newly elected IYNC board will serve for the period of two years until the next congress in 2022.

The network also aims to transfer knowledge from the current generation of leading scientists to the next generation and across international boundaries.

“Montwedi has an interesting background and I have no doubt that his valuable knowledge and effective leadership skills will benefit our continued international collaborations as we continue to promote the peaceful uses of nuclear technology. It is commendable to see the IYNC taking the issue of diversity seriously by ensuring global representation in the leadership structure,” said AYGN president