Zimbabwe,increase in demand and a decrease in the supply of coronavirus vaccine,third wave in zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is juggling between the increase in demand and a decrease in the supply of coronavirus vaccine

Over one million out of nearly 15 million people have received the first dose in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has been prosperous in pushing thousands of people into health care centres; however, many have to stand in line hours and sometimes leave empty-handed due to inadequate vaccine doses.

In the business sector, just immunized vendors are permitted to sell goods. The body that controls the grain business has stated that it will only purchase from fully vaccinated farmers. However, the vaccination centres are still struggling with growing queues from 4 am daily.

Amid the rise in demand, the supply of vaccines is meagre, many people are grappling to get a second dose, and many individuals have to stand for hours to get their first dose.

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Like the remainder of Africa, Zimbabwe has entered the third wave of covid-19, with more than 83,000 affirmed cases and 2,600 daily deaths. The nation that borders South Africa is most affected by the virus spread in the continent.

President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa cautioned people in February that the individuals who refused to get a covid-19 jab would be denied certain public services. As of late, the caregivers were given two weeks to get vaccinated or else they would not be medically covered if they catch an infection.