“Zimbabwe Just Keeps Disappointing” – USA Official

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:27 pm

A senior State Department official of the United States of America has said that the US is continuously getting disappointed by the Zimbabwean government.

The remarks come as reports of human rights violations by suspected state security agents have been increasing lately.

Only last week, there were reports of the abductions of opposition MDC members, human rights defenders and government critics.

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Speaking to the media on Monday, the senior State Department official said:

The disappointment just keeps getting worse and worse, unfortunately.

The government seems to be getting even more violent in their response to any form of opposition.

The Zimbabwean government however denies responsibility in the abductions saying that some purported kidnappings were stage managed.

Some officials have also opined that there is a third hand behind the abductions. They say that it is likely that disgruntled former government officials who are loyal to former president Robert Mugabe were the ones conducting the abductions to soil the image of president Mnangagwa.

The violation of human rights also comes when US president, Donald Trump, extended sanctions on Zimbabwe by a year.

The USA and other Western countries imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe on the turn of the millennium citing gross human rights violations.

The US has made it clear that it would like to mend relations with Zimbabwe provided the latter improves on enhancing democracy.