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Zimbabwe: newly established political party foresees rise in tension

The newly formed political party, The Patriotic Front (TPF), has urged the government to meticulously address the abduction case of three opposition MDC officials warning that tensions might escalate if the case is not addressed properly.

In a statement that was issued on Saturday, the party said that it will continue to strongly castigate the violation of human rights in the country. It read in part:

If the abduction and torture of three Zimbabwean women, notably one who is a Member of Parliament can go unpunished or is found to be the work of state security agents, or the work of the parties concerned, then we The Patriotic Front condemn these actions with the utmost outrage on behalf of our constituents.

The Patriotic Front calls for immediate action from the judiciary as this case will form jurisprudence for future incidences of this kind, and should be treated with the severity it justly deserves to stop an escalation in an already tense theatre that is Zimbabwe today.

This comes after Joannah Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova, all members of the MDC Alliance, were abducted on Wednesday in Warren Park, Harare during a flash demonstration and were found dumped on Thursday night in Bindura.