Zimbabwe: Selmor Drops ‘Dehwe Renzou’

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:07 pm

Selmor Mtukudzi is set to release her sixth studio album “Dehwe Renzou” on which she will reincarnate her later father’s spirit after roping in producers who were key in Tuku’s success during the 2000s.
One such key person is Steve Dyer who recorded and produced the album.
The album comes barely a week after the nation commemorates Tuku’s death and will put across what Selmor and family have gone through in the past year.
“I have gone through a lot since the passing of my father. During the year I have been putting my experiences and feelings into song. The album is a mixture of both new compositions and songs I wrote many years ago. It’s a very emotional album for me that’s why I decided to release it in the month that my dad passed,” said Selmor.

Commenting on the album title “Dehwe Renzou” (elephant hide), the Nguva Yangu singer said it eats into her father’s totem, elephant, adding that, although the elephant is no more the hide remains for different domestic uses – insinuating she is the hide.
“Panourayiwa mhuka vanhu vanotora nyama, matumbu, mazondo etc vodya..asi panozosara dehwe rinozongogara riri chirangaridzo chekuti kwakanga kuine mhuka yakadai. Dehwe iri vanhu vanotosara vachifuga kana kuwarira vachitodziirwa naro,” she explained on social media.
Tuku who succumbed to diabetes on 23 January last year became the first musician to be granted national hero status.