10 dating apps south africa cant do without

10 Dating Apps South Africa Can’t Do Without

South Africa has been warming up to the use of digital technology and this is becoming evident with the way people of all age groups are using apps to date. Some are free and others are paid for. The best thing with these apps is that they are available everywhere and to everyone irrespective of their geographical locations.

Here is a lowdown on the best we have found for you:


Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria are some regions in South Africa which have had excellent results using thisapplication. This is a trustworthy application being used for its unique feature to filter out qualities which you want in your partner.


Just as the name suggests, this application allows one the opportunity to look for a partner from a different race. Unlike other courting applications, singles in South Africa can extend dating to all races living in the country.  

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Tinder South Africa

Thissubscription is free but can also become paid through an advanced swipe system. Paid membership allows users to access additional features like “rewind” and “boost. This helps them stick out among others. The “Super Likes” option allows users to create outstanding profiles to attract potential partner.


One of the oldest app, it is very reliable and popular one being used. It comes with a ‘Tell A Friend’option, alongwith a classical visual appearance that makes it attractive to many users.  

Badoo South Africa

Apart from other things, it gives a direct messaging service, with upload of high -resolution pictures.

South African Cupid

It works well for women looking for men in Cape Town.


Matches only those with high compatibility only, preventing any feelings of rejection and heartbreaks.   


This one has a simple a simple courting function that helps you find the exact person you intend to have for a soul mate.  


This allows users an opportunity to arrange for a 5-minute video date where they get to know each other. At many times, users find the love of their lives by making good use of these virtual dates.  


 This one allows users to connect through messages. The application can also locate and match possible dates from different geographical locations within the country.  

Finding love has become easy as South Africa gets hooked to mobile dating applications