according to burkina faso, insurgent strikes killed 28 soldiers and civilians.

According to Burkina Faso, insurgent strikes killed 28 soldiers and civilians.

Two separate attacks by armed assailants in Burkina Faso have resulted in the deaths of at least 28 individuals, including troops and civilians, according to separate statements released by a provincial governor and the army. The army said on Monday that an attack took place on a fighting unit in Falagountou, which is in the north of the country near the border with Niger. Ten soldiers, two members of the volunteer force, and one civilian were killed in the attack.

Following the assault, the soldiers discovered the bodies of 15 of the attackers, according to their statement. In a separate statement released on Monday, Governor Jean Charles dit Yenapono Some residents of the Cascades region of the country, which is located in the south of the country near the border with Ivory Coast, said that the bodies of 15 men, all of whom were civilians, had been found following an attack that occurred on Sunday.

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The governor reported that armed individuals had halted two vehicles that were transporting a total of 20 people, including eight women and 16 males. He stated that the women and one man were given their freedom. “On January 30, the corpses of the victims were recovered in Linguekoro hamlet, showing signs of gunshot impact,” the governor said in a statement. The governor issued this statement.

Burkina Faso, along with its neighbors in Mali and Niger, is currently engaged in a battle against armed groups linked to al-Qaeda and ISIL (ISIL). These groups have occupied territory in the country’s arid and primarily rural north, carrying out executions of hundreds of villagers and forcing nearly 2 million people to flee their homes. The fighters have blockaded the towns and villages, which has made the food crisis much worse.

At least ten civilians were reportedly murdered in two separate strikes in the town of Dassa in west-central Burkina Faso on Thursday, according to a report by the AFP news agency. Dassa is located around 90 miles west of the capital city of Ouagadougou.

Since more than a third of Burkina Faso is now outside the control of the government, frustration within the army regarding the handling of the security situation sparked two coups in the past year. This has led to an increase in political instability and stretched ties with France, a former colonial power that has fought against the armed groups in the Sahel region.

Protesters crowded into Nation Square in the middle of Ouagadougou, holding signs with inscriptions such as “Forwards for Burkina’s Sovereignty,” “Down with Imperialism,” and “Down with French Policy in Africa.”

Lazare Yameogo, the spokesperson for the Inter-African Revolutionary Movement, addressed the audience and informed them that “We do not want any more foreign military bases in our country.” He went on to say that “we will continue on alert until Burkina Faso is liberated from Western imperialism.”

In light of the growing anti-French sentiment in the Sahel region, the deployment of French troops in its once colonized territories in the Sahel has come under heavy criticism. Also, the military government of neighboring Mali told French forces to leave, and the last French unit left Malian territory in August 2022.