Affi N’Guessan Arrested In Ivory Coast

Opposition leader Pascal Affi N’Guessan has been arrested by security officials, Affi N’Guessan is said to have connived with other opposition leaders to boycott the elections and cause chaos amongst citizen.

Security powers have barricaded the homes of a few resistance bosses in Abidjan after they called for common rebellion and a blacklist of the vote.

In any event 40 individuals have been murdered in conflicts over Ouattara’s third term since August, restoring fears of post-political decision brutality seen in 2010-2011 when battling executed 3,000.

Though President Alassane Ouattara won the elections by a landslide, many citizens were hoping this unrest finally dies down, but that seems not to be the case as the government authorities in the country, will be taking strict measures against the opposition members.