africa digital academy in partnership with meta organizes the first edition of africa tech series

Africa Digital Academy in partnership with Meta organizes the first edition of “Africa Tech Series”.

More than 200 individuals gathered at the Radisson Blu hotel in Abidjan on Friday, January 26, 2024, for the inaugural edition of Africa Tech Series, organized by Africa Digital Academy (ADA), a division of Africa Development Solutions group (ADS). Africa Tech Series serves as a platform to foster dialogue and collaboration within the African technology ecosystem, reflecting ADA’s commitment to playing a central role in the continent’s digital advancement.

Distinguished guests at the event included Hermann Kanga, representative of the National Agency for Universal Telecommunications-ICT Service (ANSUT), Thys Kazad, Public Policy Manager AMET/Francophone Africa at Meta, and Franck “Prince” Edja, content creator and Cocan Ambassador. This pioneering conference series aims to explore the impact of technology across various sectors of African societies. The theme of the inaugural edition was “Enriching the CAN 2023 experience through social networks and immersive technologies.”

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The event featured a range of activities, including training workshops and panel discussions that aimed to immerse participants, particularly young people, in the digital transition. Henri Koné, Project Manager at Africa Digital Academy and organizer of the event, highlighted the significant opportunities offered by new technologies, including in sports and entertainment. He emphasized ADA’s role in guiding youth through this digital transition by providing training that promotes inclusion and harnesses these opportunities, while also raising awareness about the risks associated with social networks, especially during major events like the African Cup of Nations.

The training provided to young people covered various areas, including cybersecurity, metaverse, digital marketing, no-code development, and electronic maintenance. This demonstrated the effectiveness and significant impact of ADA’s initiatives in enhancing the digital skills of African youth. Africa Digital Academy (ADA) collaborates with partners such as Meta, the Youth Employment Agency, and the Ministry of Youth Promotion, Professional Integration, and Civic Service.