africa tech festival to discuss the pivotal role of sustainability in advancing growth

Africa Tech Festival To Discuss The Pivotal Role Of Sustainability In Advancing Growth

Technology is redundant if there is no power to drive it. While Africa’s economic potential is enormous, the critical barriers to overcome remain political and infrastructural, not technical.

This year’s Africa Tech Festival will bring these challenges under the spotlight and discuss the essential role of sustainability and renewable energy in advancing tech growth.

Returning on November 13-16, the event in Cape Town, South Africa, will be a jam-packed, energy-filled week that celebrates the continent’s vibrant tech scene.

Energy, Sustainability And Digital Assets

The event has long been unvealing the latest developments in tech and telecommunications to an international audience vested in seeing Africa grow into its full potential.

This year’s Africa Tech Festival is expected to lure in 15,000 local and international professionals from across the tech, telecommunications and media space.

High on the agenda for those residing and working in Africa is energy, sustainability and how digital assets can help safeguard our futures.

Africa’s Climate Tech Start-ups Secures $860 Million

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the evolving continent can produce 80% of the new power generation it needs from solar, wind, geothermal and other renewable sources.

Africa’s clean energy tech has been receiving greater interest lately, with the continent’s climate tech start-ups securing over $860 million in equity funding over the past 12 months or so.

All agree that connectivity is the backbone of Africa’s future. The advantages of digitalisation are, however, dependent on a reliable source of energy.

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Africa Tech Festival’s Pitch Competition

The Africa Tech Festival is one of the continent’s most influential tech event, attracting 15,000+ attenders, 400+ A-list speakers, 1,600+ VIPs, 1,100+ start-ups and 5,400+ attending companies.

Once again, the event will host a thrilling live pitch competition where Africa’s most promising start-ups and scale-ups will battle on stage in front of dozens of investors and tech leaders.

The winner of Africa Tech Festival’s Pitch Competition will be selected to attend the Start-up World Cup final, held in San Francisco on December 1, with a chance to win $1 million.