microsoft surface event 2023 what to expect from the tech exhibition

Microsoft Surface Event 2023: What To Expect From The Tech Exhibition?

What Is The Microsoft Surface Event?

The Microsoft Surface Event is a special event organized by Microsoft where they are going to announce new products. The major products will be their Surface line of devices like laptops, tablets, and others. 

During this event, Microsoft will also reveal some of the latest technology and innovations they’ve been working on. 

It’s gonna be a big deal for tech enthusiasts like us because we will get to see and learn about the newest gadgets and features offered by Microsoft. 

We may also receive the announcements about software updates, like new features for Windows and Office in the event. It will be an important event for both the industry of hardware and software.

When & Where Can You Watch The Microsoft Surface Event?

The Surface Event is scheduled for September 21, 2023. It will start at 4 PM CAT (Central Africa Time). However there is sad news for you, as unlike previous events, Microsoft will not be live-streaming this event. So you can’t watch it live from the comfort of your home.

But don’t worry it will be soon available, you can watch its recorded versions of the event online on Microsoft’s Surface YouTube channel. 

Or you may also visit the Microsoft website to access the recording of the event. The recorded sessions will be available at 7 PM CAT.

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What Can We Expect At The Microsoft Surface Event?

At the Microsoft Surface Event, we can expect several exciting announcements. There are some rumors in the market that there will be a new generation of Surface laptops with AI enhancements. 

This may include the Surface Laptop Studio 2 with an Intel Core i7-13800H processor and 64GB of DDR5 SDRAM. 

There might also be a Surface Pro 10 in 11-inch and 13-inch versions, a Surface Laptop Go 3 with an Intel 12th-Gen Core i5 processor and more RAM, and a 2-in-1 version of Surface Go 4. 

Additionally, we are also expecting some new software updates and AI integrations. Let’s wait till tomorrow for the event where we can actually figure out Microsoft’s Surface devices launches and AI features announcements.

AI features For Windows, Office & Bing

After reviewing several news portals, I can assume that the Microsoft Surface Event will focus on several things, including AI features for Windows, Office, Bing, and more. 

Windows may receive more AI enhancements like Windows Copilot, which will be a personal assistant for us. Office apps may meet some AI integrations for summarizing documents and speeding up Excel sheets.

And yeah, the event is also expected to discuss Bing Chat Enterprise. If you’re unaware of it, let me tell you that it’s a business version of Bing Chat. 

Okay then, let’s meet at the Microsoft Surface Event, where we will see how the latest Microsoft products and announcements will likely change our experiences and productivity!