african startups to watch out for in

Top 10 African startups to watch out for in 2022

African entrepreneurs are hitting it out of the park. With another wonderful year, these top 10 startups from Africa are the ones you need to watch out for this year.


Ever since its launch in 2020, Tunisia’s Lamma has been a busy startup. It had started as a carpooling service initially, Lamma now works as B2C last delivery service with assurance to deliver within 45 minutes. The company is now going international with its first expansion in Morocco.

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The e-health startup from Egypt closed year 2021 with investment round of USD 1 million for enabling product improvements and expansion. The company has developed end to end health information exchange (HIE) platform called HealthTag. The year 2022 is set for Bypa-ss with backing from Magic Fund, Acuity Ventures, Launch Africa Ventures Ventures, and Plug and Play.


The Egyptian company allows MENA users to buy personalized video messages from their favorite celebrities. Minly has witnessed some rapid organic growth since its launch in 2020.


The Kenyan startup is addressing the gap in insurance market across the continent. This B2B and B2B2C insurance as a service platform after being launched in 2018.

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Wowzi offers innovative solutions for social media influencers has left us quite impressed. The self service online platform of Kenya allows brands to create and manage messaging campaigns through real customers.


This API fintech startup from South Africa allows developers to connect apps to various financial accounts, thereby permitting users to share their transaction history, balances and initiate payments.

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Akiba Digital

This fintech is also based in South Africa. It uses alternative datasets to offer inclusive credit scores. This startup is already making revenues 5X on monthly basis.


This insurtech startup from Botswana offers “value for money” business and products of personal insurance directly to customers.


This Nigerian startup had a pre-seed backing from GreenHouse Capital when it was launched in 2021. This venture funding company connects startups with investors, where anyone can buy equity in any listed startup for minimum US$10.

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This ed-tech venture from Nigeria was launched in December. It connects African students with digital curriculum content and real time on-demand teachers for online learning.

The year 2022 is going to be eventful for African entrepreneurs and startups with growing of cross-border trade corridors.