top 10 car companies in africa 2022

Top 10 car companies in Africa 2022

Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tunisia, Uganda, and South Africa are among the top auto-producing nations in Africa. Before the development of the South African-based automobile manufacturing company known as Birth Cars in the 1980s, car production was not a recognised industrial speciality in Africa.

African nations were essentially vehicle importers before and even after it. Greater quantities of tokumbo—commonly referred to as used foreign cars—are imported into African countries.

The goal of all African automakers is to dominate the continent’s highways with their vehicles. This idea underpins the high calibre of African-made automobiles. Locally produced cars are held to such high standards that they have proven to be on par with or even exceeding the international norm.

In this article, we will look at the top 10 car companies in Africa in 2023.

1) Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM)

Nigerian vehicle manufacturer Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Its headquarters are located at Umudim, Nnewi, Anambra State, No. 95 Owerri Road. Mr Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma established this prestigious automaker in the year 2007. The Innoson Group, the parent firm of the business, oversees its operations. IVM is known as the “Pride of Africa.”

Before beginning local car component production, the automotive manufacturing company first began by assembling imported auto parts into a full-body vehicle. A portion of the business also makes motorcycles. Tricycle production is currently expected to start at Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company. With foreign autos as competitors, IVM has created a global standard.

2) Wallys Car Company

Tunisia is home to the automotive manufacturer Wallys Car. The owners, Zied and Omar Guiga, two brothers, launched the business in 2006. The company’s main office is in Tunis, Tunisia’s La Marsa neighbourhood. Sales of Wally’s car have spread to countries including Panama, Morocco, Spain, Qatar, and France, among others.

The anticipated annual production output of Wallys cars is 600. Wally’s Car makes machines as well as vehicles and transportation equipment. Wallys vehicles are reasonably priced and come equipped with comfort features, efficient fuel usage, and durability guarantees.

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3) Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC)

Founded in 2014, Kiira Motors is a government-owned, automobile manufacturing company in Uganda. The business’s main office is in Ntinda, Kampala, Uganda. The corporation was founded by the state of Uganda’s government to handle domestic auto manufacturing.

The enterprise aims to balance the state’s economy. The business and Makerere University are partners. Additionally, they produce electrical and electronic equipment, medical facilities, software development, and other automotive machinery for use in agriculture.

4) Kantanka Automobile Co. Ltd

Privately held Kantanka Automobile is a car manufacturer with its headquarters in Ghana. The business was established in 1994 by the proprietor, Kwadwo Safo Kantanka Jr. It is situated in Ghana’s Achimota. A limited liability company called Kantanka Automobile was established in 2004.

The business first produced auto parts before changing its focus in 1998 to become a manufacturer of entire bodies. The business then introduced its first domestically produced automobile using locally created components. Mehsah, K71, Onantefo, Omama Pickup, Omama Hard Body, and Amoanimaah are a few of their models.

5) Mobis Motors Automobile Company

A privately owned and financed manufacturer of cars in Kenya is called Mobis Motors. Joel Jackson is the owner of the business. Nairobi, Kenya serves as the company’s administrative center.

It was initially an incorporated entity in the United Kingdom as of 2010, but it was formally registered and created in Kenya in 2011. In Kenya, Mobuis Motors creates unusual cars that are safe for the road and affordable.

6) Laraki Manufacturing Company

With its headquarters in Casablanca, Morocco, Laraki Manufacturing Company is a manufacturer of automobiles there. Mohamed Laraki launched the business in 1999. They produce sporting vehicles. The company’s automotive goods are sold all over the world.

Before handing over to his son, Abdeslam Laraki, in 1973, the owner was a car importer. Additionally, it was originally a Yatch making business. Laraki Fulgura, the company’s first automobile, was produced successfully in 2002.

7) Birkin Cars Ltd

John Watson established Birkin Cars in 1982. The oldest manufacturing company in Africa is this one. Japan, the United States, Europe, and other countries have all received its autos. Its lineup consists of the SS3 Street Series and CS3 Clubman Series 3. Birkin Cars are notable for their high level of quality.

8) Advanced Automotive Design

Here is another car manufacturer with a base in South Africa. In 1995, Rhys Edwards and Brian Glover launched the business. Pretoria, South Africa, is home to the organization’s headquarters. In 1997, the business produced its first car, the sports car Shaka Nynya. Shaka Nynya and Shaka Giotto are the brand’s car models.

9) Optimal Energy Joule

Maximum Energy South African corporation Joule has its headquarters in Cape Town. At the 2008 Mondial de l’Automobile, the manufacturer revealed the Joule model. It was never promoted, though. The business declared its intent to shut down in 2012.

10) Bailey Edwards Cars

A well-known sports vehicle producer with its headquarters in South Africa is Bailey Edwards Cars. The business creates sports cars for both on- and off-road use. Despite facing tough competition in the sports car sector, the brand has prospered.