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African Union commends Chad’s peaceful elections

As votes were counted after Chad’s presidential election on Sunday, the African Union praised the vote as peaceful. Chad’s election took place as the country was in a difficult situation and political turmoil erupted during the run-up to the election.

During the campaign, protests were banned or riots were dispersed, prompting concerns from rights groups that authorities had taken an iron fist on the opposition.

There were concerns that the election would take place peacefully due to insecurity and the president’s desire for another term. Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres were among those who criticized. But the African Union said it was relieved that polling day had gone smoothly.

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After the polls closed on Sunday in Klassou Komiselom, the head of the African Union Mission in Somalia said:”We thank God that the process started just before it was over. I would say this vote started on Sunday. I am happy that everything has come out of peace, security and freedom for those who have the right to vote.”

A member of the country’s Independent Electoral Commission also said no problems had been reported.

“Thank God everything went well, there were no problems, no accidents, that’s the biggest thing, everything went as planned and that’s the biggest thing,” said OumanMahamat, a member from the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI).