President Farmaajo

The Somali People Do not need a President Who is Robbing Elections

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:00 am

The Somali people are tired of war and violence and need to hold elections to maintain peace and stability. To this end the Somali people support the continuation of the dialogue to find a solution. The current government has failed to come up with a plan to bring the conflict to an end and seeks an illegal extension.

Farmajo’s and his illegal government is a threat to the security of Somali society. Farmajo and Fahad Yasin want to use army forces against the Somali people and opposition leaders. Earlier on February 19, security forces opened fire on opposition leaders and protesters in Mogadishu. This shows that the military power is being misused by the outgoing President.

The Somali people want a government but they do not want political looting and the return of the country. Somalia’s government needs compromise and conflict resolution, but the government has failed in its time.

The international community, taking into account the concerns of the Somali people, has issued a series of calls for a lasting solution to the current crisis. They warned that the government was forcibly implementing an unnecessary extension, which threatens the security and stability of Somalia. All representatives of the international community agree on a lasting solution and warn of an extension.

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Meanwhile, the Union of Somali Candidates said they recognize Farmajo as a militant leader.Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame said there is no law in the country at the moment, and Farmajo is like a militant leader sitting in Villa Somalia.

Abdirahman said past warlords had more troops than Farmajo and controlled many parts of the country, but were eventually defeated.

Politician Abdirahman warned Police Chief General Hijaar to support President Farmajo in a clan-based manner that could lead to violence in the country.