Africa’s top COVID-19 technocrats: Africa CDC’s John Nkengasong

The coronavirus pandemic has seized the world in multiple ways, snuffing lives out of humans, economies and everyday activities of millions across the globe.

The fight against the rampaging virus has been classed as one that can be won if all hands now more than ever are brought on deck, from the frontline workers to the infected, from the ordinary citizen to the political class, from the national level to the global levels.

Almost the same prevention / containment routine was employed across much of the world, from the now famous lockdowns to ‘stay at home’ appeals, social / physical distancing measures, testing and ban on gatherings etc.

In the frontline are the hundreds of thousands of health workers, many across Africa who are risking it all for the collective safety of the population. The fight is a holistic one that calls on everyone irrespective of age, status, nationality, profession, religion or gender.

More often than not, we have seen politicians leading the charge via presidents, ministers and other top government officials. This article zooms in on technocrats leading Africa’s response at different levels be it at the health, diplomatic, social or economic levels.

We profile each candidate along the following metrics: current role and base, tenure, work and personal history and notable COVID-19 related quotes.

Note must be made that an African is currently leading the global fight in the person of the World Health Organization chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the former Ethiopian Health Minister who has been lauded and slammed same for his handling of the pandemic.