after resigning as health secretary matt hancock gets new position of un envoy for africa

After resigning as health secretary, Matt Hancock gets new position of UN envoy for Africa

 Africa Africa Matt Hancock, who has previously served as the health monter of the Boris Johnson administration, has donned a new role of the United Nations special representative to Africa on Tuesday.

Addressing the same, Hancock said that he is extremely honored to have been selected by the UN to help Africa get its economy back on track in line with the road to recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The British leader said, “Honoured to be appointed United Nations Special RepresentativeI’ll be working with the United Nations to help African economic recovery from the pandemic and promote sustainable development.”

The announcement has come only months after the leader resigned from his cabinet role in the British parliament for breaking social distancing protocols by kissing and embracing an aide from his office. The videos of the leader quickly circulated on social media and experts suggest that it was due to mounting pressure on the British government, Hancock decided to hand over his resignation.

The United Nations has been immensely active in Africa since the past few months given the economic roadblock many of the Afrcannations have reached. African countries are drowning under debt as currently they have to pay more than £300bn to recover from the pandemic.

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Majority of the African nations are not in a state of giving such huge amounts during the recovery period and the United Nations has sent a special envoy to facilitate the recovery programme and allow them to avail future needs post the pandemic era.

As for the decision to appoint the former health secretary in this position is concerned, there insiders have stressed that his stint in the position was greatly appreciated and also contributed to faster recovery of the European nation.

Vera Singwe, the under secretary general of the UN, also added that his ‘success’ in helping Britain promote vaccine rollout essentially led to selecting him for the job. She stressed,”the acceleration of vaccines that has led the UK to move faster towards economic recovery is one testament to the strengths that you will bring to this role.”

While the UN has made its intentions clear, not everyone is happy with the appointment of the leader. Global Justice Now, an organisation campaigning for worldwide jab equality and distribution rollout condemned the decision of his appointment saying that he was the same person who was responsible for ‘blocking international efforts’ taken for the low and middle income nations aiming to produce their own vaccines.