central african republics president puts an end to infighting with rebels

Central African Republic’s president puts an end to infighting with rebels

 Central Africa Central Africa – The president of the Central African Republic has announced the end of the country’s conflict with rebel groups on Friday. The leaders said that he hereby declares a ‘unilateral ceasefire’ concerning the conflict.

Yesterday, the African leader said that from now on, all the military operations from the country’s end will be stopped at midnight. “This immediate, unilateral ceasefire is a demonstration… of my firm intent to prioritize the path of dialogue” after eight years of war,” he added.

There have been continued cases of violence due to the rebel explosion after 2013 when former president Francois Bozzie was ousted. These rebel groups are heavily armed and control large swathes of territory. The repeated cases of violence and rebel group takeover has hindered the development process of the nation.

The United Nations also ranked the nation as the world’s second least developed nation and the UN reports also stated that the growth was majorly impacted due to the insurgency of rebel groups since 2013.

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Having said that, there has been decrease in conflict and violence in the region but the problem is still the occupation of swathes by these terror outlets. Last year, one of the terror groups functioning in the country, the Coalition of Patriots for Change (CPC), launched a major offense and occupied two-third of the nation.

While calling for a ceasefire between the two sides, the president stated that with this announcement, he is aiming to attain peace in the region. He also stressed that this ceasefire will secure the citizens and will make humanitarian aid available to them. The most violent group in recent years is the CPC. The most recent of its attacks was last month which killed 20 people in the country. Following the announcement, a spokesperson of the terror group said that they welcome the initiative and added that CPC will adhere to the ceasefire till the government keeps its word.