Ambassadors from the US, UK, and the EU have warned the Speaker of Parliament to extend Farmajo’s term

Since yesterday’s tragic incident in parliament there have been international calls for criticism of the speaker. Representatives of the international community has begun efforts to stop against the speaker’s plan intended for the extension time of the current outdated government.

Sources close to the ambassadors of the international community have confirmed that the ambassadors of the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Nations have made separate telephone calls to Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Mursal and warned of an extension to the government whose term has expired. Representatives of the international community have told Mursal that he will be held accountable if democracy is damaged, as the extension is detrimental to stability.

The report added that representatives of the international community had told Mursal that an extension would not be accepted, that they would not receive international support, and that the presidency would instead be held accountable if they acted.

According to Ali Aden Mumin, a Somalia journalist, the outgoing President held a closed-door meeting with NISA Director FahadYassin, Bihi Infantry Commander, MPs Abdishakur Ali Mire, Ali Yare Ali.

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It was underlined that on Monday the parliament will approve a two-year extension. Bihi and Fahad were tasked with preparing a force to crush the opposition, while Abdishakur was tasked with overseeing the parliament.

Ali Nur Ali Yare also assigned media engagement and pro-farmajo media activists to convince people the cause of two years extension.

The move comes amid efforts to ensure Monday and the next session will not be attended by opposition lawmakers.

Some lawmakers said FahadYassin used former Alshabab officials to suppress members of parliament, demonstrating the violation of the law and the constitution.

Another meeting brought together heads of state to discuss the situation and in the same time to prevent the extension of the president’s post. Authorities met with the chairman of the National Salvation Forum, as well as a representative of politicians from the northern regions of Somaliland, Mr. Abdi Hashi. The National Salvation Forum and regional administration leaders are working together to find solutions to the challenges surrounding the elections.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary session scheduled for Monday has been postponed due to diplomatic pressure from the international community.