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Farmajo’s failure to extend the term and MP’s banned from Parliament

Farmajo’s outgoing government tried to present an extension plan to parliament but was blocked by opposition lawmakers and the assembly was rocked by violence yesterday. According to video footage of some members of parliament, some lawmakers shouted “we do not want Farmajo” and as a result, yesterday’s scheduled session failed.

Following the government’s failure to implement its plan, the speaker issued a statement banning 15 members of parliament from attending five sittings for allegedly disrupting the parliament building.

Meanwhile, the banned lawmakers called the decision of the speaker of the parliament Mohamed Mursal illegal and stated that they will not abide by the decision and will instead take action against the speaker.

The plan to oust opposition lawmakers is a ploy by Farmajo to seek an extension, and if opposition lawmakers are absent from parliament, it will turn out to be Farmajo’s demand for an extension as opposition lawmakers are ousted. . It is planned to convene a meeting tomorrow for an extension as per media.

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Reports say that 15 MPs will not be allowed at all tomorrow to enter the parliament, which is a clear indication that an extension is being planned, and that this will give the outgoing president a chance to trample on the law again and illegally take over the legislature, it is a kind of dictatorship.

The international community opposes an illegal extension of Farmajo’s term, and opposition lawmakers have called on the world to re-injure democracy. Farmajo’s illegitimate government is far from legal and undermines Somalia’s growing democracy, and the international community is watching Farmajo’s actions at the moment

Some lawmakers who were banned from attending the meeting said no one could be illegible to stop from attending the various sessions of the parliament, and called the letter from the speaker illegal.

Lawmaker Abdirashid Mohamed Hiddig, one of the 15 lawmakers, told the BBC: “The upper house is closed now, and it has created problems for it, and of course the parliament is closed. We will not fight but we are in the legal system and there is no problem for two parliaments to convene, and we will convene a meeting, elect a chairman and do the job,” he added.

Mahad Mohamed Salad, a member of parliament who was banned from sitting in parliament, called the speaker “ignorant”. They called for a new conference and said no one had the right to be targeted.

“Mohamed Mursal has faced legal ignorance and political ignorance. He will take personal responsibility for the consequences of his actions! ” said lawmaker Mahad Salad.

Meanwhile, the letter stated that the commander of the security forces of the parliament has been notified and the names of the members who have been banned from attending the upcoming sessions of the parliament are as follows:

The lawmakers, who have been suspended from five parliamentary sessions, are in opposition to the government’s decision to extend its term.