best superstores in lagos nigeria

Best Superstores In Lagos, Nigeria (2022)

With the country’s population growing, local and global investors have jumped at the chance to invest in major supermart & superstore chains, particularly in urban regions.

Almost everything you need, from groceries to home items, cosmetics, food and beverages, gadgets, and so on, is all contained in one gigantic superstore with a splendid shopping experience in Nigeria, particularly in Lagos State.

Thus today we have decided to shortlist the Best Superstores In Lagos, Nigeria (2022). Go through the list & have an amazing shopping experience in Lagos.

Top 5 Best Superstores In Lagos, Nigeria 2022

The following are the Top 5 Best Superstores In Lagos in Lagos, Nigeria in 2022:

1. Shoprite

Shoprite is unquestionably Lagos State’s largest, best, and most well-known superstore/supermarket business.

This Superstore is a South African company that has garnered widespread recognition in major African cities.

This supermarket company is able to provide a superb shopping experience to its clients by leveraging their vast bulk purchasing power.

2. Spar Nigeria

Spar is a multi-award-winning grocery and department store chain in the country that delivers the widest choice of products at the cheapest prices to its customers.

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They take pleasure in their different outlets around Lagos State and Nigeria, as well as their ability to provide the greatest possible shopping experience.

3. Prince Ebeano Supermarket

Mr. Sunday Egede & Mr. David Ojei, two brothers, founded this Superstore business together. In Lagos State and Abuja, there are now five Prince Ebeano Supermarket locations.

This grocery company offers unrivaled experience and dedication in locating high-quality products at amazing rates and discounts.

4. Game Stores

Game Stores is another well-known supermarket brand in Nigeria, with locations in several major cities, including Lagos.

In Lagos State, Game Stores has two supermarket branches, both of which are in Lekki. Despite their low numbers of outlets in the country as a whole, this superstore is quite popular among Nigerian customers.

5. CCD Superstores

This grocery chain provides high-quality products at reasonable costs, and they now serve only in Lagos, with locations in Ogudu, Bariga, and Ogba. If you haven’t visited this superstore before, you should do so because they are top-notch.