Breaking: Atleast 37 People Killed In Uganda

Atleast 37 people has been killed in a demonstration by the citizens of Uganda, the protest arose in the wake of Bobi Wine arrest who’s a strong critique of the president. The forthcoming elections has seen series of unrest in the country.

An exhausted looking Wine was conceded bail in the eastern town of Iganga in the wake of being captured on Wednesday and blamed for mocking COVID-19 rules.

“Let President Yoweri Museveni realize that we are not slaves and we will not acknowledge to be slaves,” Wine said. “We will be free.”

The 38-year-old resistance figure, who has been captured ordinarily lately, has caught the creative mind of numerous Ugandans.

Bobi Wine is a strong opposition and critique of President Museveni who is seeking re-election for the presidency. The media aid to the president said that a public address to Ugandans is underway.