Business: Liquid Telecom raises Over $300 million To Enlarge Business In African Data Centres

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:16 am

Liquid Telecom has raised over $300 million dollars in the possible enlargement of an African Data Centre. This is to create an enabling environment business entrepreneur to create more business, This is a very good initiative in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which as seen many business venture affected.

The most recent venture originates from investors and an extra US$40 million value speculation from long haul patron, CDC Group, the UK’s improvement account organization, which has been putting resources into Liquid Telecom since 2013.

CDC’s extra value interest into Liquid Telecom speaks to another significant advance in associating organizations in Africa, with Liquid Telecom at the front line of the landmass’ ejection in innovation selection,” said Nic Rudnick, CEO of Liquid Telecom.

The impact of the virus has been massively felt by businesses, with this significant investment, major businesses will be hoping for a positive turnaround having been massively hit by the coronavirus pandemic.