Business: The Impact Of COVID-19 Not Felt By Nigerian Stock Exchange – Ogunbajo

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:19 am

The impact of the coronavirus not felt by Nigerian stock exchange says NSE president Abimbola Ogunbajo. He said that even when the pandemic had massive impact on various sector of the Economy and Businesses, the NSE didn’t feel the impact of the virus.

One of its milestone functions was the consistent endorsement by the board toward the beginning of March this year for the trade to demutualise. This will require a rebuilding of the association, which will be separated into three auxiliaries, one of which will be a working trade.

The cycle is especially on target, NSE authorities state, regardless of the interruption of Covid-19.

Trade president Abimbola Ogunbanjo says the pandemic has without a doubt affected resource costs and instability, yet the establishment moved flawlessly to distant exchanging as a component of its Business Continuity Plan presented in late March.

While the impact of the Covid-19 is still be felt by major sectors the NSE still remains a strong fortress for various individual and companies