Somali Protests

Candidates’ Union warns Farmajo’s illegitimate government against blocking Friday’s protests

At a meeting of the Union of Candidates today, they again warned the outdated Farmajo government against blocking Friday’s protests. According to Union of Candidates spokesman DahirMohamudGele, they will hold another large-scale demonstration against illegitimate President Farmajo on Friday, and warned that the Farmajo government will once again commit the heinous act it committed on February 19th.

Since Farmajo’s late government blocked protests against the illegitimate government on February 19th, there has been criticism of Farmajo’s dictatorial actions. The union of candidates and their supporters gathered peacefully in the squares of Mogadishu to express their feelings and to oppose the illegitimate president Farmajo.

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The actions of 19 February were an act of oppression, repression and dictatorship that Farmajo sought to silence the people who opposed his failed rule. People are against current transition government, and demanding immediate elections, to save the country from political crisis and civil war.

The Union of Candidates has vowed to continue protests demanding Farmajo’s resignation or to hold emergency election. The union has once again called for mass protests against dictatorship and the suppression of Farmajo and called for snap elections.

A spokesman for the Union of Candidates, DahirGeele, said: “”We did not allow ourselves to be coerced and we refused. We, the Somalis, have not accepted it before, and we cannot accept it now. We have decided next Friday that we want to hold a peaceful demonstration. We want to know the checkpoints and not to obey the terrorists. It is rejected, it is difficult, but if “Ignore what is happening to you. It is more than what you are doing. We do not want Somalis to be oppressed by what we have taught them. It is illegal and not legal to prevent peaceful demonstrations.”

Attempts to bring the opposition and the government closer have reportedly failed, with the opposition refusing to cancel the protests. The government demanded that the opposition cancel its promised demonstrations, but the opposition imposed sanctions. They demanded that the government apologize for what happened on 19 February and take responsibility for what happened there.

Reports add that the outgoing government of Farmajo rejected the suggestion and while opposition parties insisted to continue the rallies. However, the power of the opposition and the people are emerging as they demand that Farmajo step down or run for office as he is an interim president with no immunity, at this time according to the opposition.