The World pay attention to the oppression, repression and illegal rule of Farmajo in Somalia

Demonstrations are a constitutional right, and the community has the right to come out and express their views and feelings against any dictator. Farmajo Government has arrested more 20 young journalists and others during last year’s demonstration in Mogadisho.

The worst incident took place on the night of February 19 when the government launched a naked attack on the Maida Hotel where the two candidates Hassan Ali Khaire and Sheikh Sharif Sh. Ahmed reside. The attack was a repression and a crime against the right to freedom of expression. The two candidates were part of a rally to gather in Daljirkadahsoon statue on Saturday to show their opposition to the dictatorial Farmajo regime.

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A statement posted on Facebook by former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire said he and other candidate had survived an assassination attempt. He said: “I and several other candidates for the presidency, members of parliament, other officials and many civilians survived a direct assassination attempt on us.

On Friday, the government openly attacked protesters and opposition leaders who were peacefully protesting, the whole world seen opposition candidates were running around and hiding shots fired by government force. Government forces opened fire on civilians and prevented civilians from expressing their concerns peacefully, chanting “We don’t want Farmajo” and other words.

“According to unconfirmed reports, more than 20 people have been killed in the attacks and doctors and medical staff have been prevented from doing so,” said Guled Ahmed, a political analyst. deal with or evacuate the wounded, who later died. If so, this could cause for war crimes can be charged with intentionally looga preventing medical assistance for the injured, the wounded, the sick and the provisions of the Geneva Conventions are prohibited. “

Farmajo uses pro social media, ministers and other members of the government to spread false information that opposition leaders are accused of carrying out militia groups attacking troops. Farmajo is acting like SiyadBarre’s dictator, imitating his social abuses and his dictatorial actions.

According to DahirAlasaw, a journalist who spoke aboutGorgor forces and their clans, mentioned that more than 1,300 of the Gorgorforces are from the Marehanclan of Farmajo, which indicates the tribalism and division of Farmajo’s forces.