climate change should be a must for africas economy recovery plan

Climate Change Should Be a Must for Africa’s Economy Recovery Plan

Africa will be one of the first regions to be impacted by Climate Change. This is majorly due to the tons of natural bodies, resources in the country that make it more susceptible to climate change practices. However, it is now looking to work towards proper planning to tackle the issue while moving towards economic recovery. The Post Covid-19 world has doubled the amount of work needed to be done.

Countries were slowly moving towards economic strategies by coming up with thorough planning needed for the nation to develop because the pandemic destroyed their planning. Now the whole procedure had to be done from scratch. As per a report by a Kenyan think tank, Africa should consider integrating climate change actions as it looks at speeding up the economic recovery plans by enhancing the business in the country.

This report was titled as Driving a Green and Sustainable post- COVID-19 Recovery in Africa and it focuses on how going green will benefit Africa economically. There are several reasons why things are worse for African countries and one of them is that the lack of technology and prior arrangements make the population more vulnerable to the threat of Climate Change.

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Things like heavy flooding, rise in sea level and forced migrations are one of the few side effects of the crisis. The report also said that due to Covid-19 has exacerbated these climate vulnerabilities and it is clearly visible by analysing reduced the resources available that were consumed while tackling the virus threat. Before the pandemic, there was gradual improvement in the GDP of the African countries as they were moving up the ladder with three per cent but at present the situation does not look favorable as it is projected to fall by 2-8 per cent in GDP.

The report explained that if Africa goes for a temporary situation and looks for immediate relief, it will impact the country adversely. It claimed that the narrow focus on the economic recovery that does not have provision to control climate change practices will cause a lot of pain for the African population while also impacting their economy in later years.

The kind of investment that the African countries are experiencing, it is highly advised that the countries should go for green and resilient recovery rather than a road that is solely driven by money and pollution and hampering the environment. The report stressed, “the new measures should look to innovative and cost-effective actions that can conserve natural resources.”