heres what zimbabweans can buy with the new 50 dollar note (2)

Here’s What Zimbabwean’s Can Buy With the New 50 Dollar Note

 Zimbabwea Zimbabwea – This week, the Central Bank of Zimbabwe presented a new 50-dollar note, the country’s most noteworthy denomination since a re-visitation of utilizing Zimbabwean dollars (ZW$) as the leading currency in 2019. 

It joins different denominations which have been dissolved by excessive inflation, which took off to 800% in 2020, preceding dialing back to 106% this year. The arrival of this new note stirs up feelings of concern over hyperinflation similar to the 2008 period.

The ZW$50 bill, worth $0.60 on the current bank rate, is relied upon to do anything to stabilize prices barely, improve economic crisis or stop rising inflation.

Past infusions of ZW$20 and ZW$10 notes have failed to guarantee any financial stability due to the aftereffect of policy irregularities, particularly related to the currency. 

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) stated that the Bank would deliver ZW$360 million through the usual financial channels, and banks are relied upon to fund their accounts held at the Reserve Bank and collect them from 7 July 2021. 

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The Economic condition has deteriorated since the coronavirus pandemic occurred, which dove 7.9 million Zimbabweans into outrageous poverty. 

Zimbabweans grappling with cost increments will require two ZW$50 notes even to purchase a loaf of bread. With the vast majority of the merchandise in US dollars, most Zimbabweans are compelled to change the local cash on the black market. 

Famous columnist Hopewell Chin’ono told Africa News that the new banknote would be worth only $0.35 in US dollars at the unofficial black market exchange price.

“It educates you something regarding inflation in your nation if you require three notes of your highest currency division to purchase a good quality beer in a store,” tweeted Chin’ono.