Concern Develops For Regular People In Mekelle As Ethiopia Fights Tigray rebels

The cocern rate has risen seriously for the people of Mekelle as Ethiopia begins the final phase of it’s attack on the rebels of the Tigray region, so far the Ethiopian government rejected any plea for peace, by some African envoy who visited the country.

The Ethiopian armed force has sliced the street prompting the Sudanese fringe at the territory of Humera (20 km from the outskirt) and those trying to arrive at Sudan must evade the fundamental street.

On Thursday, the outskirt post was vacant and no Ethiopian troopers were noticeable. A media outlet saw around ten outcasts crossing the fringe while he was there.

The quantity of Ethiopian displaced people escaping to Sudan has dropped essentially over the previous week, as per figures from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The ongoing unrest has been on for some weeks now, majorly caused by rebels of Tigray which has forced Ethiopian PM, Abiy Ahmed to deploy military to that part of country.