Concerns over security in Mogadishu and military forces take over Fagah intersection

Concerns over security in Mogadishu and military forces take over Fagah intersection

Military forces moved from their strongholds in Middle Shabelle have entered the northern outskirts of Mogadishu.The troops, who are opposed to the two-year extension of President Farmajo’s term, are said to be armed with many vehicles, some of which have entered the town, particularly Karan district, while others are approaching.

Attempts to relocate the troops to their bases failed. The movement of these forces is improving at a time of political turmoil. The controversy over the extension of Farmajo’s government has led to political turmoil and clashes between the opposition and the government, some of which have troops.

The Fagah intersection, which divides Yaqshid and Karaan districts, was soon reached by armed forces.The troops took control of the intersection of the former police forces after the police left without any clashes. Some reports say that the forces want to take over all the intersections and roads in the north of Mogadishu.

The rebels are said to be opposed to the extension of the president’s term.

Meanwhile, the finance minister dismissed the country’s economic situation. Somali Minister of Finance AbdirahmanDuale Bayle said the government’s budget cuts were due to a lack of funding.

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“We gave it our Kabkii cut August, Saudi money to us providing us ended December, Qatar has given us some very end, when we are on the floor today,” said Minister of Finance in the Government Accountability delivery.

Minister AbdirahmanDuale Bayle called on the Somali people to unite and provide funding for their government. Finance Minister Abdirahman Bayle said the president and prime minister would ask the public to donate money.